The production of Turtle Reef could not have been achieved without the active participation and support of a considerable number of people including Charles Van Tassel, Kirsten Winters and William Paul. Additionally, the support and guidance of Hawaiian resident Edgar Jarvis was critical in locating and diving the most productive areas. William Paul has tested many new camera systems and was instrumental in testing our 3D underwater cameras and further served as our primary still photographer. Paul also contributed photos to the development and content of this web site.

Charles Van Tassel, an engineer, inventor and designer of underwater systems stepped up to the challenge by producing the perfect combination for our 3D rig. Van Tassel has the design and fabrication capability to produce all the parts we needed in his shop. Charles made this project possible and was also key participant in all our underwater shoots.

Throughout the production Joan Embery and Carol Summerhays, who served as Associate Producers on the project, continued to provide both inspiration and guidance.

Composer and performer Alan Reeves - whose film scores are unrivaled by any in the industry – worked with many talented colleagues to produce the music score. Alan collaborated with Brian Auger in music arrangement and performance of the score. Together they worked with the talents of Kennie Quest, Karma Auger and Savannah Auger for the final song for which famous lyricist, Bobby Hart, wrote the lyrics. The Producers are deeply grateful to the San Diego Natural History Museum and CinemaCorp that provided stock music from the Producers Imax film, Ocean Oasis.

Dr. Christopher Koenig, our scientific consultant, provided thoughtful review of the script. Additionally, Kevin Cox provided critical editing and communications guidance throughout postproduction. A team of nationally renowned institutional leaders guided the film’s educational content: Dr. Michael Hager (President & CEO San Diego Natural History Museum), Dr. Emlyn Koster (President & CEO Liberty Science Center), Dr. John Mackay (Chairman & CEO Discover Place), Dr. Jerry Schubel (President & CEO Aquarium of the Pacific). Trevor Mendelow provided K12 Educational perspectives, and his students provided a valuable test site for the film in development. Derek Balsillie provided critical Post Production support and Alexis McKay both of who supplied technical support and guidance. James Manke and Rick Gordon of RPG Productions concluded final conformation of the show. Two institutions, The San Diego Natural History Museum and the Aquarium of the Pacific generously provided their theater facilities for postproduction evaluation of picture and sound.

The Bishop Museum in Honolulu developed the educational materials for Turtle Reef and Catharine Cooper of CooperDesign developed the web site.

Production of a film is the synthesis of many people’s efforts, creativity and their knowledge. Many scientists who are currently working on the habits and behaviors of reef creatures and many more whose work in the past has contributed to our present knowledge and understanding. Without the large team that supported the production of Turtle Reef and too numerous to list here the film would not have been made, and the Producers are deeply grateful for their valuable contributions.