FILM production credits

Produced by
Summerhays Films Inc.

Executive Producers
Charles Van Tassel
Edgar Jarvis

Producer & Director
Soames Summerhays

Music Producer Score
Alan Reeves
Brian Auger

Music Composer Score
Alan Reeves
Brian Auger

Music Composer’s Song
Alan Reeves
Kennie Quest

Song Lyrics
Bobby Hart

Music Performers
Alan Reeves
Brian Auger
Karma Auger

Song Producer
Karma Auger

Savannah Auger

Score Mix
Alan Reeves

Song Mix
Karma Auger

Carol Summerhays
Joan Embery

Susanna Seaford

Lifelong Learning
Michael Hager PhD.
Emlyn Koster PhD.
John Mackay PhD.

Science Consultant
Christopher Koenig PhD.

Script & Editorial
Kevin Cox

Post Production Services
Derek Balsillie

Camera Testing & Photography
William Franklin Paul

Charles Van Tassel

Scott Fecteau

Production Assistance
Debra Fecteau

Support Divers
Charles Van Tassel
Edgar Jarvis

K12 Education
Trevor Mendelow

Technical Consultants
Alexis McKee
Dwight Moore

Paul Champlin CPA

Post Production
RPG Productions

Evergreen Sound Studios
Graham Noon

Post Production Support
San Diego Natural History Museum
Aquarium of the Pacific

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