Day Shift

whiteBarSurgeonfishWhitebar Surgeonfish
Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata: Subphylum: Vertebrata: Class: Osteichthys, Family: Acanthuridae: Genus: Acanthurus, Species: leucopareius

Scientific name: Acanthurus leucopareius
Common name: Whitebar Surgeonfish
Hawaiian name: Maikoiko

Surgeonfish are among the most important, and often, the most numerous herbivores on coral reefs. Each of them specializes to some degree on different species of plant or detritus as their primary food resources. All of them are active exclusively during the day.

Whitebar Surgeonfish are located in the western and central Pacific Ocean as far north as the Hawaiian Islands and as far as Easter Island in the south. Whitebar surgeonfish can feed singly but are commonly found in schools or mixed associations with other species such as unicorn fish that favor the same feeding grounds. They are herbivores, browsing primarily on filamentous seaweeds associated with boulders in the surge zone.

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