Day Shift

orangeband surgeonfishOrangeband Surgeonfish
Animalia Chordata Actinopterygii Family: Acanthuridae Genus: Acanthurus Species: olivaceus
Scientific name: Acanthurus olivaceus
Common name: Orangeband surgeonfish
Hawaiian name: Nae nae

Orangeband surgeonfish range from the eastern part of the Indian Ocean across the Indo-Pacific to Hawaii and French Polynesia.

The juvenile Orangeband surgeonfish prefer sheltered lagoon areas while the adults favor the seaward edge of reefs over mixed substrates where they browse on filamentous algae and detritus adhering to the rocks. They are dayshift workers living within a home range and may feed on their own or in small groups and often associate with other species as part of a feeding party.

At night Orangeband surgeonfish like the one photographed here, hide away in crevices and sheltered locations in the reef.

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